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AdBlast provides highest quality global traffic, giving you the opportunity to earn money by traffic exchange, ads and Alternet services profit share. Create an account and enjoy the benefits of superb effective online advertising. Earn money with our platform, constantly increasing your income.

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Adblast is a profitable advertising platform, which is an integral part of the Alternet social network. Watching ads and acquiring advertising packages in Adblast lets you earn money, increasing your income all the time. The funds you receive are part of the income generated by the Alternet social network and the Adblast advertising platform. We pay out profit to our users every day. 

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What profit do we share and what we earn?

Alternet has several sources of income. The main sources of income are:

Social Media advertising

Generates income through ads sale within the website. Makes income by selling advertising space on Alternet. Advertising system consists of: sponsored posts, ads purchased on the AdBlast platform, external affiliate networks advertisements, e.g. Google Adsense.

Alternets profit

Worked out from advertising and every sale. Our profit is shared between the company and its users. AdBlast is an integral part of this system, and it will allow you to create stable income paid daily.

Platform mediation

In the purchase of flights, hotel rentals and retail sales of leading e-commerce websites.

Games online

Alternet generates profit from registration in the most-known online games and micropayments made inside them.

Alternet Business

Generates income from users Alternet business activity.

Our cryptocurrency

We are working hard on original cryptocurrency exchange and decentralized cryptocurrency based on blockchain. Open source code, Whitepaper 2018, ICO 2019

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